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VIP Concierge Limited offers private helicopter flights throughout France. The flexibility of flying directly to your destination is invaluable, and comp. The helicopter is an ideal means of transport for short flights of less than 300 km. It is especially ideal for flights to destinations without an airport, such as islands and ski resorts, hotels, stadiums

Versatility and efficiency

The helicopter offers an unparalleled level of flexibility: point-to-point flight offers considerable advantages in terms of efficiency and considerably reduces the time spent on ground transfers.

Flexible means of transport

Intelligently designed and highly modular to meet a wide range of individual needs, our helicopters provide access to remote areas as well as city centers.

Meet your needs

Thanks to their versatility, they can be used not only for business, but also for travel between an airport and a ski resort, a stadium or even private property.

A personalized trip

Our agent is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you every step of the way.

Land wherever you want

They can land wherever space permits: hotels, heliports, castles, etc. The most flexible aircraft on the market, it is the ideal solution to travel to remote areas, busy places or hard-to-reach destinations.

Private terminals

Avoid unnecessary queues and delays; our passengers can board until the last minute before take off.

Contact us !

Email :
French Office number : +33 1 75 37 41 53/+33 6 61 80 56 12
Montreal Office number : +1 514 608 96 69
Website :
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