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Airbus announced six orders for the ACJ220 business jet program launched yesterday. Unsurprisingly, Boeing has revised its forecast down by 11% by 2029, citing a difficult short-term market, even though more than 43,000 new aircraft will still be needed in the next 20 years.

A few hours after announcing the launch of the ACJ TwoTwenty program based on the A220-100, Airbus unveiled the first six orders for the business jet: two for Comlux to be delivered in 2023, and four for unidentified customers. The European aircraft manufacturer states in a press release that Comlux has selected in its "Flexible Cabin Catalogue" a layout with "the business and guest lounge, as well as a private entertainment area and a private suite, including a bathroom". The cabin will be equipped with "large seat beds, a king-size U.S. bed, a standing rain shower, a humidification system for on-board well-being and state-of-the-art connectivity".

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