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FROM PARIS TO NEW YORK IN 3 HOURS , United Airlines bring supersonic flight out of the closet

Twenty years after the last flight of the Concorde, the American company has placed an order for 15 supersonic aircraft flying on sustainable fuel with the start-up Boom Supersonic. The aircraft is still under development

During the pandemic many of our clients , worried about the way to travel .

VIP Concierge Limited has extensive experience in arranging private jet rentals for private or business trips.Renting a private jet respects tight schedules, numerous appointments and visits scheduled in the same day to different locations. With the private jet, CEOs and businessmen no longer need to spend 3 days on the road, in transport and at airports for their professional missions. We offer you the opportunity to optimize your time and increase your productivity with the rental of a business aircraft addition to this, you need to know more about it.

If the aircraft, named Overture, meets all the standards, it could carry passengers as early as 2029 at Mach 1.7, twice the speed of the fastest airliners today. This would allow United Airlines to fly from Newark, near New York, to London in, say, three and a half hours.

Under the terms of the agreement, United will purchase 15 of them once the aircraft "meets all (the company's) safety, operational and environmental standards." United has also optioned an additional 35 aircraft. "Overture," which has not yet been certified by authorities, is expected to roll off the production line in 2025, fly for the first time in 2026 and begin carrying passengers by 2029. It is expected to be powered 100% by sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Our service

Fly around the world

The most demanding personalities, royal families and senior business executives charter these planes for their vacation, business trips, trust VIP Concierge Limited to provide us with the best service

Luxury and efficiency

Flying should above all be fun, and we do everything we can to make your experience on board as comfortable and luxurious as possible.

Business in the air

In addition to private lounges and suites, the Private Jet can also offer solutions tailored to the needs of businessmen: conference rooms, video and sound equipment, WiFi connection, telephone lines, etc. Ideal for working in mid-flight.

Available anytime

Our agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you every step of the way.

Your lounge

Enjoy the hospitality of our team in your private lounge while our agent collects your luggage. Enjoy refreshments, drinks and WIFI. Passport control and immigration formalities will be handled at the VIP lounge

Leave the airport

Once the immigration formalities are completed and your luggage returned, you will join your vehicle with driver to take you to the desired destination.

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